What is Numerology? Numerology of Names, Numbers & meanings

Numerology is a fascinating study that draws meaning from different numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. This art can help us tap into the underlying patterns of the universe and reveal new truths about who we are. It is an ancient, mystical practice that has been used for millennia by many cultures.

Some say that this way of studying the hidden mystical patterns in life dates back to Atlantis. Now we can easily access this amazing research at our fingertips. As long as you’re aware of how to read the Numerology, you can take full advantage of it. It’s a series of symbols that represent certain truths about your life and can be used to help you understand what you have to do in your life.

There are many people who are not very familiar with it, but there are people who claim that they have tried numerology even once and are surprised by the results of getting its results, and I think that there are many people who have been obsessed with the charm of numerology.

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When a person is born into this world, fulfils his or her life, the family environment, the local environment, the historical background, human relationships, and individual qualities, and various factors, are intertwined to form a personality.

When we are born into this world, we are born with a mission of our own choosing, and all events and environments are considered to learn to be happy.

If you can look at yourself from a slightly different angle and have new challenges and goals from it, I think it’s very exciting, fun, and meaningful.

In the following article, we have also incorporated a commentary on the meaning of each number, but we also conduct a comprehensive appraisal that combines multiple numbers that you have in more detail.

It is to clarify the dream and the goal which lurks in our heart seen from the numerology technique and to make a foothold to make a plan and execute it.

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What you can tell by numerology

Numerology understands everything from the date of birth and name to the inner thing of the person and the tendency of fate.

Why is it your date of birth and name?

In numerology, it is thought that children are connected at the level of their parents and souls.

When we are born into this world, we are born with a mission of our own choosing, and all events and environments are considered to be learning to be happy.

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All of us are not born to our parents by chance, but we are born by choosing the “time” and “people” that are appropriate to start the path to fulfil our destiny in order to learn our own challenges and karma that has not been completed.

From the moment a person is named, he gives off the unique energy of the name and begins to act on the person along with the cycle and characteristics of the flow of birth date.

In other words, the energy of birth dates and names create qualities, give talent, attract specific people and events, and allow them to fulfil their destiny.

However, in a long life, the name may change depending on marriage, etc.

What about a change of name?

There are differences in the way of thinking between numerologists, but many believe that the energy of the name, named at birth will continue to affect life even if the name changes in the middle of life.

And, it is thought that the energy of the new name is added to the person by the name change.

Numerology calculates a person’s secret number from their date of birth or name, but for example, the number of births obtained by singular conversion of the date of birth or the number of first and last names obtained from the name does not determine the person.

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A person cannot say that it is everything from one side, and when he encounters an unknown event, he may act unexpectedly from the values that lurk deep in his heart that he did not realize.

Of course, the number of births and the number of first and last names are the secret number that represents the person, and it can have a stronger influence if the same number as the number obtained by other items overlaps, but I do not think we understood the person only by it.

Numerology reading: The meaning of numbers

What numbers do I have?

As you can see on the “What you can tell by numerology”, the first thing you should know is that there are numbers that have a big impact on that person, but there is not only one number for an individual.

The number of births calculated from your date of birth is the number of births that affect you most, but it also represents your universal qualities such as your natural qualities, attitude to live, personality, the tendency of fate, and mission, and teaches you who you really are.

In addition, the number of first and last names calculated from the name shows talent and character, and there are many other ways to look at the number of hearts that indicate the desire that instinct wants, and the number of personalities that you can understand your superficial impression.

This section describes how to calculate the number of births.

1. Write down the birth date in a year, break down the numbers for each year, month, and day, and add them to one digit for each year, month, or day. At this time, if 11 or 22 comes out in the middle of the calculation in either the year, the month, or the day, the calculation is over.

2. When the sum of the year, month, and the day comes out, add them together until they reach a single digit.

At this time, the calculation stops when 11 or 22 comes out.

That’s all there is to it, but let’s give you an example.

E.g.) For persons born on November 16, 1992

Year: 1+9+9+2=21=2+1=3

Monday: 11 =11 (← 11 came out, so stop here)

Sun: 1+6=7


In the above case, the number of births is 3.

How to find Life path number and what it tells about you?

The Life Path Number is by far the most interesting measure in a person’s life. It identifies the skill sets and inherent abilities that a person will succeed at, gravitate toward, and try to perfect.

For a definitive answer on how life path number impacts your future actions, we asked Chris Denning, a numerologist, psychic and Numerology teacher. Chris began learning numerology in 1968 and then practised it in conjunction with astrology. In his own words: 1+5 (1+5= 6) 6 is the power number, and 6 represents knowledge, fate, foresight, observation, influence, authority, and intuition. In order to understand life path numbers, you must know your own birth date and your birth year.

Life Path Numbers 1 and 11

Life Path Number 1 is positive and represents the most successful people. If you are 1 then you are optimistic, perceptive, and lighthearted, with a high appreciation for life. You also tend to be quite well-liked, and people tend to gravitate toward your charming and memorable character. If you are 1, then you have an intense interest in achieving your life’s purpose. The problem is that you tend to spend a lot of energy on things that don’t matter. Life Path Number 11 also represents success. For those born this number, they know that life is complex and is difficult to manage, but the lessons of the universe are being taught to you. A positive mind is what motivates you to try new and different things, and you can see the possibilities.

Life Path Numbers 2, 3, and 22

You are 2. The number 2 reflects that your life’s work is to create and serve. You will make a tremendous impact in the world, be very well-liked, and remain loyal to your chosen causes throughout your life. You may be an entrepreneur or humanitarian and will build a solid foundation on which your work will be sustained. The struggle to achieve your goal may be intense and so focused that the final outcome will be accomplished against all odds. You may see yourself in business, the arts, or at the service of others. You may do some significant humanitarian work. You will find this work deeply meaningful and fulfilling. Life Path Number 3 reflects your spirituality and inner intelligence. You have a deep passion for higher awareness and the spiritual path.

Life Path Numbers 4, 5, and 6

These three numbers, 4, 5, and 6, are numbers that fall within the Numerology Four Spiral. The Four Spiral is a 7-square arrangement of numbers that can reveal the most important events in our lives. Each of the 7 squares has a specific meaning and keyword associated with it. Each of these numbers can reveal the key events in our lives and things we need to learn. For example, our 4 Life Path number is 1. This means we need to know that we must forgive and that the wounds we have suffered in life can be healed. Our 5 Life Path number is 2, and that shows us that we need to heal the self and let go of negativity. It also tells us that we can take control of our life and we don’t need someone else to be in control.

Life Path Numbers 7, 8, and 9

When you receive the Life Path Number 7, 8, or 9, you are given the power to understand the factors that are not in your control, but rather within your direct control. Life Path 7 describes highly independent and often go-getter individuals who go the distance and take a lot of personal risks. They are driven by a desire to succeed and strive to keep achieving their goals. Life Path numbers 8 and 9 describe individuals who are much more contemplative and value finding the balance of work, home, and play. They are sensitive and expressive, making them natural leaders in the workplace. Life Path Numbers 8 and 9 also imply a spirit of confidence, power, and the ability to make positive changes in your life.

Life Path Numbers 10 and 12

Your life path number is 10, and it comes in just above 9, which indicates the creative power within you. There are very few people that are born with these two numbers on their birth certificates, making these numbers rare finds. 10 can be a strange number and implies that you may have some difficulty with the ideas of logic or a hard time fitting in with the mainstream population. If this number is very low, it can indicate that you are unusually intuitive or have unusual talents to share with the world. 10 is the first number of the Matrix character Trinity, and it’s believed to stand for liberty and light. You should be excited about this number as it is associated with change, growth, and adventure.

Life PathMeaning
1Master Doing Things Alone
2Master Doing Things with a Partner
3Master Creative Skills
4Master the Use of Tools and Building Things
5Master the Skill of Travel and Learning from Other Cultures
6Master a Talent that Fills a Need in Society
7Master a Spiritual Practice
8Master Leadership Skills
9Master the Connection between Wisdom and Action
11Master Yourself
22Master Relationship Skills
33Master a Creative Skill that Serves Others
44Master Negotiation and Networking
55Master Disrupting Systems at the Right Time and in the Right Way
Life path number & its meanings

What is your name numerology? How to calculate the numerology of your name?

Consider the stories in the Bible that discuss some of the most powerful kings in the history of the world, and particularly Jesus Christ: 1 Kings 10:25 and 3 Kings 9:22 tell us that the throne was always originally laid on a throne of wool. According to this verse, the sheep being used for the throne was the number one on the master number 11, and the number two was placed on the eleven-inch-long woolen place. Christ’s name, except his second name, was derived from the expression “Lord” or “Almighty”. His surname is all positive numbers, except his mother’s maiden name of Mary, which is a 1. His life was miraculously written out from the very beginning of his birth.

What Your Name Says About You: The Secret of Name Numerology

1.First Name: The Name Number The 1st element of your name is 1 and it indicates your political spirit. 1 is strength, courage, self-confidence, and solidarity. This element is responsible for your motivation and your unique character. The 1st element of your name is 1 and it indicates your political spirit. 1 is strength, courage, self-confidence, and solidarity. This element is responsible for your motivation and your unique character. 2. Sticking with the 1st and 2nd element, this is an enduring and healthy quality. When you are in a new situation, you are focused on the new and never satisfied with the old. 3. Your Name Number is calculated from 1 to 26. 4. The Individual is a deep thinker and has high intelligence.

Calculating the numerology of your name

First, calculate your Birth Name and the vowels total in your name. For example, Janie is the first letter of my name and it is A at the end. The total of my first name is three, and the total of the vowels is two. And the total of the consonants is three. In other words, the total is five. Take your Birth Name and subtract two, making it equal to one. Then subtract one from the first number you calculated. The final number is equal to your destiny number. So, my destiny number is 1. The surname of your parents is the second number in your numerology. So, if your father’s name is Scott and your mother’s name is Susan, then the sum of their surnames is two. And the total of the surnames is two. So, the total of my parent’s surname is three.

An example of using numerology for a person’s name

“This is the name of the Goddess in the traditional Yoruba religion and is a name associated with beauty, fertility and wealth.” 2. Your Social Life with Names Here are some generalities that may affect the social life and personality of those bearing such names. You may find that your name may be associated with a lot of flack. People may associate you with certain death. People may consider you to be a victim. Your name may be considered vulgar and insensitive, therefore, you will have difficulties in socializing or dealing with people. You may find that your name will always attract people that are the opposite of what you really are. A lot of people may shun you because of your name. 3.

Calculating an individual’s destiny number

Find Your Destiny Number For Free Your primary character is generally determined at the time you are born. However, each of us has a Secondary character. This secondary character is carried with us as part of our destiny number. Your destiny number is the name of the number of the position on the hieroglyphic block that determines your character. This was a symbol of the kind of person who was able to have an influence on Egyptian society. This number can help you determine where you want to be at the end of the road. For example, the first hieroglyph that represents your name is Ma’at, which is the first number in the world. For those people who have a destiny number that can be read as Ma’at, then their Secondary Character is Great.

How to calculate the numerology of a spouse’s name

The same calculations apply when calculating the numerology of your spouse’s name. Find out what your spouse’s name numerology says about his/her personality How to calculate the numerology of your last name To calculate the last name you need to get the total number of vowels in your last name. The total number of consonants is your Soul Urge number. The total of your vowels is your Family History number. The total of your consonants is your Residence number. The master number is the sum of your entire life numerical total reduced to a single digit.

Name number meanings in Brief

Number MeaningsActiveHeredity (Inherits)Soul UrgePersonality
1AssertsStrong IdentityI wantIndividualistic
2ConnectsNetworkingI helpSupportive
3CreatesCreativityI imagineArtistic
4BuildsDutyI establishReliable
5TransformsWorldlinessI exploreInquisitive
6ServicesCompassionI solveInventive
7InvestigatesWisdomI teachMysterious
8LeadsPowerI willCommanding
9SuffersEmpathyI understandCaring
11Stands OutSpecialnessI mustRevolutionary
22EstablishesLegacyI continueConservative
33EntertainsCharismaI attractGrandiose
44LeveragesClarityI knowConfident
55DisruptsVisionI breakthroughDiscordant
Name number meanings in brief

Summing up: Name Numerology

The percentages or percentages add up to make you what you are. The percentage of the last name in a male name makes that name a strong masculine name. The percentage of the first name in a female name makes that name a feminine name. If the last name is very strong then the full name has the opposite effects. A very weak first name can be seen as a weak feminine name and a very strong first name can be seen as a strong masculine name. Find Your Birth Name Number And Find Your Destiny Number! Find Out What Your Name Numerology Says About Your Personality The numerology of your first name is important for your personality. It is the code for your life force. The numerology of your surname and your mother and father’s name influences you in your destiny.


As you can see, birth date is not the only factor that determines your strengths, or your weaknesses. Even your zodiac sign can also be as instrumental as the colour of your eye. Birthdate is just one of the most obvious and fundamental aspects of a person’s personality, but it’s also just one of the less tangible aspects.

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