Scaling Emotions

What is the Emotional Scaling?

Emotional Scaling
Emotional Scaling

On the higher end of the emotional scale are feelings such as happiness, appreciation, freedom, love, and empowerment. On the lower end of the scale are feelings such as fear, despair, desperation, sadness, and helplessness (the lowest).

If you want to feel better, you may assess where you are on the spectrum of emotions and proactively seek out ideas that make you feel better, which will in turn lead to feelings that make you feel better.

When you’ve reached the point where you can remain steady in a new feeling, you’ve advanced up the scale. After then, you continue with the exercise of looking for a concept that makes you feel better and working your way up the scale to a sensation that has a higher vibration.

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We attract what we desire more readily the closer we are to joy

When we allow ourselves to be filled with happiness, we are giving ourselves permission to be Super Attractors. The more closely we approach the feeling of pleasure, the simpler it will be for us to bring about the things we want.

But what about the times when we are so far off from joy—the times when we feel hopeless, terrified, or powerless? When faced with challenges of this kind, it is not prudent to attempt to mount the ladder as quickly as possible. (You already know how difficult it is if you’ve ever attempted to coerce yourself into feeling cheerful when you weren’t feeling it at all.) In point of fact, it might actually make us feel worse if we attempt to move from a very low vibration to a very high vibration in a record amount of time.

When you’re in a low-vibe state of mind, positive and uplifting ideas won’t resonate. They won’t be convincing at all. Therefore, rather than attempting to jump back to pleasure, we need to take things slowly and carefully, guiding ourselves back to happiness one baby step at a time.

The energy that we put out into the world is a direct reflection of our feelings.

Emotional balance

Our energy draws other energies that are similar to itself. When we are experiencing low levels of emotion, we give out negative energy, which in turn draws to us people, circumstances, and experiences that have a vibration that is similar to our own. This is the reason why we use expressions such as “My day went from bad to worse.”

Always keep in mind that we are creating our reality, even if we aren’t consciously aware of the process.

Our point of attraction moves as we climb up the emotional scale and pull ourselves out of states of low vibration. When we choose to focus on the positive aspects of any circumstance, we essentially alter the vibrational frequency of the events that are taking place around us.

How to climb higher on the scale of emotional guidance

There are a lot of different strategies to go toward joy and elevate your emotions to a higher vibrational level.

The next time you find yourself at the bottom of the emotional scale, identify where you are and slowly try reaching for ideas and feelings that make you feel better. Be aware that you may climb the scale a notch or two at a time by taking baby steps.

Several methods in which you may do this…

  • Have some fun with the gratitude game.
  • Follow the excitement.
  • Help someone else out by rendering service.

During the early stages of my 12-step recovery, one of the things I realised was that I might feel better by helping other people. I can clearly recall phoning my sponsor and expressing my concern about the situation by stating either “I’ve got this issue” or “I’m unhappy about this.” She would say something to the effect of, “Get over yourself. Put an end to your pity party and give someone else a call.

Emotion scaling
Emotion scaling

You may lean on your friends for assistance, as well as a member of your family or another loved one. You only need to check in. To find out what’s going on, pick up the phone and ask, “What’s up? What can I do to assist you?

As soon as you stop concentrating on all of the things that you believe you need, you will find that you have entered a state of higher vibration in a matter of minutes. Instead, you will switch your attention to concentrating on how you might be of assistance to another person. This energy is given a lot of support by the universe.

Celebrate each minor change

I have the ability to make a decision right now to rebalance my energy and make a commitment to love and joy | The Super Attractor card deck

Let’s imagine you’re aimlessly browsing through Instagram when you suddenly become aware of how jealous and unhappy you feel about other people’s lives. You feel both envious and guilty of your own feelings of envy as a result of all the holiday images and selfies taken while wearing fancy outfits.

In the end, you decide to put down your phone because you are too frustrated to continue looking at it. You have nothing to fear from this rage! In point of fact, rejoice in the change. Jealousy is an emotion that vibrates at a lower frequency compared to anger. The fact that you’ve progressed from envy to fury is a glaring indicator that you’re climbing further up the emotional scale. Your task right now is to maintain your ascent.

Sometimes it’s best to just let your feelings run their course and allow yourself to organically climb back up the scale. On other occasions, you’ll want to be more proactive in selecting fresh ideas and new energy to surround yourself with.

Distraction is really effective

Doing something that lifts your mood quickly and sustainably is one of the most effective strategies for regaining control of your emotional state. When I’ve had a really trying day, I put on some headphones, choose some upbeat music, and go for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Amusement may be found in the most mundane of activities. Get some exercise, give a buddy a call, solve a crossword problem, or engage in active play with your kid. When something satisfies you, fills you with contentment, makes you feel excited, or makes you happy, you might say that it is fun. When you really engage in something that makes you happy, you immediately advance yourself up the emotional scale.

By diverting your attention away from the source of your distress, you can—and will most of the time—move up the scale. This does not imply that you are avoiding challenging feelings or checking out of challenging circumstances in any way. In point of fact, the situation is just the contrary. You may more readily attract the support, answers, creative ideas, and realisations you need to solve difficulties and move through your feelings if you go up the emotional scale. Moving up the scale allows you to experience more positive emotions.

Stay optimistic and ride the tide of success

Emotion scale
Emotion scale

You will find tremendous comfort in the knowledge that you do not need to push yourself back to joy in order to recapture your positive momentum when you begin to use the Emotional Guidance Scale to feel better and better. You only need to be truthful about how you are now feeling and choose the next concept that serves you best.

Your desire to feel well will be your compass as you navigate your way out of hopelessness and towards pleasure. Experiencing your sensations is a necessary component in ascending the scale. When we find ourselves unable to break free of a certain feeling, the majority of the time, it’s because we refuse to realise what’s really taking on in our lives.

As soon as you acknowledge and accept your genuine emotions, you will feel a sense of relief and be able to shift into a new vibratory position.

You just need the tiniest alteration in your energy to reroute your flow of energy toward pleasure; it only takes a moment. When you start to feel the change, give in and let it control you! Push it even farther, and try to get as much of a feel for it as you can.

You can’t go too far with this kind of exercise. Continue to ride the tide of happiness without stopping. The aim is to feel good, and if you get there, you should pursue even more of that feeling.

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